Do you want to invest your time and make some extra income, which will also benefit others in a meaningful way such as the well-being of children and their parents? Taking up a certified babysitting course with Kiddie Care Coaching can provide you with a profession that is fascinating and satisfying as a trained babysitter. This complete guide will walk you throughthe advantages of completinga certified babysitter course with us, what is involved in the accredited babysitter course, and whether it might be the best option for you.

Benefits Of A Certified Baby Sitting Course With Kiddie Care Coaching

We are a highly esteemed coaching and consulting company based out of UAE. Our certified childcare and development courses are recognized internationally. We at Kiddie Care Coaching have our entire focus on delivering high-quality and professional childcare and development training to our pupils and we make sure that their services attain a high level of expertise in this field.

The demand for babysitters is growing rapidly and in these modern times, a certification in a babysitting course is a must to have in order to serve as a childcare taker. Certification will make you a trusted babysitter and our experts at Kiddie Care Coaching provide certifications for all the courses. Babysitting is not just a job these days it requires a lot of skills and training to become perfect in this profession. It’s an opportunity for you to become a role model for children in this demanding career. It is a way for you to start making your own income from the late teens.

Why Choose Kiddie Care Coaching For Baby Sitting Training?

There are numerous reasons why you should choose us for babysitting training:

  • Recognized Company: Our courses are recognized internationally and so is our company. It will be a great opportunity for you to learn as you will get professional training from experts who are experienced in the field of childcare services.
  • Certification: Our courses are certified and recognized internationally. Parents look for childcare professionals who are highly competent and verified.
  • Skills And Growth: With our excellent training at Kiddie Care Coaching, you will learn the necessary skills to become a childcare professional such as first aid, CPR, and childcare techniques. This will enhance your confidence and will add to your personal and professional growth. These are life skills and will benefit you in the future as well.
  • Custom-made Syllabus: At Kiddie Care Coaching, we have a personalized syllabus and training that focuses on ensuring effective growth and development in all aspects of life during the early years of the children.

Baby Sitters Courses Offered By Us

We offer a variety of courses for individuals who aspire to become expert babysitters:

Dunstan Baby Language Course

Kiddie Care provides exclusive access to the Dunstan Baby Language Course, which teaches you how to interpret a baby’s reflex-based communication and become proficient in understanding it.

Childcare Fundamentals For Nannies

Master essential skills that will optimize your home care and children’s care routines. Elevate your abilities by acquiring new techniques that will transform you from ‘good’ to ‘great.’

Childcare Related Courses

These are short courses that focus on developing basic skills in a variety of topics such as:
  1.  Potty training
  2. Tummy time
  3. Get the best from an outdoor time
  4. Learning through play
  5. Nursery readiness
  6. Music and art
  • Childcare Development Courses
  • This course focuses on different stages of development during a child’s growth. In this course, you will learn and understand certain actions and create an effective routing and environment for them to grow smoothly without any hindrance.
  • You can choose the following areas of development.
  1. Personal, Social, and Emotional development
  2. Communication and Language development
  3. Physical Development
  • Enhance your skills and get certified with Kiddie Care Coaching (KCC). Join now and let’s make a difference for parents and their children.


12 hours
2 sessions

Basic information

Delivered either Online or Offline
Individually or in small groups
Institutions or non-professionals
Customer designed or pre-structured
Visual based to avoid language barriers

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