Have you ever wondered what your baby is trying to communicate through their cries? Have you noticed the variations in different cries? Are you struggling to determine whether your baby is hungry, sleepy, gassy, uncomfortable, or needs to burp?

Kiddie Care provides exclusive access to the Dunstan Baby Language Course, which teaches you how to interpret a baby’s reflex-based communication and become proficient in understanding it.

Enhance the connection between you and your baby while saving time by quickly and effortlessly discerning the reason behind your baby’s cries.

Perfect for
New parents within the first 12 weeks
Caregivers handling a newborn
Expecting parents


1,5 hours per session
1-2 sessions

Basic information

Delivered either Online or Offline
Individually or in small groups
Institutions or non-professionals
Customer designed or pre-structures
Visual based to avoid language barriers

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